Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Miyawaki Way to Green Urban Landscapes and Degraded Forests

This new method of raising diverse forests can be a boon to tackle the challenges of climate change and lack of green cover across various locations.

Miyawaki Forests give fast, dense and more biodiversity than conventional forests
Source: Wikipedia

Gaining popularity:

Six months old Miyawaki Plantation at NTPC Ramagundam Telangana India Pic: TSFDC

Proven results:

Impact of Miyawaki Method on growth and succession © as compared to natural conditions (a) & traditional reforestation methods (b) Source: Schirone,B.,Salis, A.,& Vessella, F. 2011)

Cost of Raising:

One of the alternatives to tackle degraded forests:

New greens for urban resilience:

A 5 years Miyawaki forest near Hyderabad grown in Arbor Road Estate Telangana India. Pic: Kirti Anand

Challenges ahead:

Way forward with innovations:

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