Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pollution from VEHICLES..

Its quite long time I could not even write a single post in my Blog. Almost one year…

Having joined new organization Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPPCB) I thought to start posting my views on issues related to Environment.

Environment! Is really this an important subject for us ? The main reason for this (i)relevant question is that every one of us ( including me ) love to talk on this hot topic, wish to list thousand suggestions for its improvement , put series of action plans but very less or almost no action at his own level. I don’t know when Charity will really begins to start from home……

Take a simple example of Air Pollution and issues related to this problem. Statistics show that we in Hyderabad are having around 27 lakhs vehicles (against 11 lakhs in 2001). Every year additional 20000 vehicles are being added. ( App 550 to 600 vehicles per day). The vehicular pollution is responsible for causing 50 % contribution to Respirable Suspended particulate Matter (RSPM ) or PM 10. The ill effects of air pollution do not need any introduction.

So being the state of affairs of our city what as a responsible citizen we can do at individual level. Not much…isn’t it? People having money continue to purchase new vehicles mainly for their need which includes luxury. Vendors keep on adulterating fuel which further aggravates the pollution. Roads get widen if possible otherwise we need to add series of flyovers and flyovers.( Hope the construction works continue without any scams if possible ).

I think all these need based actions will certainly be followed by reactions in the form of pollutions of varied quality and quantity. Howsoever considerable reduction in the pollution can be achieved through following few practical and workable tips if taken with little seriousness and concern for the society.

1. Prudent use of vehicle even if is provided by the company/Govt.

2. Car pooling wherever possible including children for the school.

3. Using Public transport wherever possible.

4. Tuning of engine regularly.

5. Think using cycles or walking for smaller distance.