Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day - 2009 - Lets Resolve for reduction in Pollution, Consumption and Optimum utilisation of Resources

Today is April 22 which is being celebrated as Earth Day . Can we think of something different yet effective way of celebration of Earth Day this time. Global warming,dwindling resources , oevrexploitation, wastage etc are few synonymous terms of expression of present day condition which our Mother Earth is witnessing . Only a civilised animal like man can only act like the Kalidasa (Famous Hindi poet who is also known for penning great classical "Shakuntala") who can only cut the branches of tree on which he was found to be sitting before his marriage.Famous telugu Artist Mr.
Kaladhar Bapu has magnificantlly depicted the present day scenerio through his effective and thought provoking painiting shown here.
Hope civilised persons like us will really ponder over these issues and do their bit for future and sustainability.That will be a real celebration of Earth Day this year and coming years too......

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